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Insulate Your Conservatory Roof with Our Effective System in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

While a conservatory makes for a wonderful addition to your home, affording you more space and the opportunity to enjoy that outdoor feel while being indoors, it can also suffer with the variations of temperate due to the seasonal changes. This means it is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Having a conservatory roof insulation system installed will truly transform your conservatory. At Conservatory  transformations, in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, we supply and fit the system, revolutionising the way you use your conservatory. 

A Range of Benefits

The conservatory insulation system can be installed in most glass, polycarbonate,
or timber conservatories, no matter what size or shape they are. After you have
had the system fitted, you will experience the following benefits:

· A Reduction of up to 90% in Heat Loss during the Winter
· A Cool, Comfortable Room in the Summer
· Eradication of Fading on Furniture from Excessive Sunlight
· A Reduction in the Annoying Noise of Rainfall
· Noticeable Savings on Heating Bills

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Conservatory Insulation System Keep the Temperature in My Conservatory down in Summer, or Does It Only Help Keep It Warm in Winter?

It will do both equally well. Between the existing roof of your conservatory, and the UPVC panels of your new ceiling, we line the ceiling with a specially designed, 19-layer, slim-panel material made up of multiple reflective and thermally insulating layers, with all layers and exterior surfaces thermally welded together. This highly efficient insulator stops heat from escaping in winter, keeping your conservatory warm. Then, in summer, it both reflects away the sun and prevents warm air from outside from raising the temperature inside your conservatory.

Would a Conservatory Insulation System Cut down the Level of outside Noise in My Conservatory?

Absolutely. The lining material we use not only provides superb thermal insulation, but also excellent sound insulation too. This is because of the sandwiching of seven layers of material inside a welded pack, with one of these layers consisting of encapsulated air pockets. With your new ceiling installed, the sound of rain and hail impacting directly on the roof, and the noises made by traffic, aircraft, and other outside agents, will be reduced.

Does a Conservatory Insulation System Affect the External Appearance of a Conservatory?

Firstly, nothing is actually altered on the exterior of your conservatory in any way. If you have a conservatory with a clear glass roof and look down into it, you will see a flat expanse of neutrally coloured ceiling lining, which looks similar to the appearance of a ceiling blind. If you have a translucent polycarbonate roof, you will see almost no difference at all if you look down into the conservatory, as the neutral ceiling lining will make little or no change to the diffuse appearance of the polycarbonate.

Can You Install My Conservatory Insulation System in a Day?

We can indeed. All our conservatory ceiling installations are completed in one day. Two of our installers will complete most sizes and shapes of conservatory in that time, but if you have an unusually large conservatory, then we simply send more fitters. Whatever happens, your new ceiling will be in by the end of the day.

My Conservatory Insulation System Won’t Help Solve My Condensation Problem, Will It?

Condensation occurs when warm, moist air, such as that in your conservatory, rises and hits a cold surface, such as the roof of your conservatory. The warm air condenses
on the cold surface, forming moisture. Our 19-layer insulation material forms a barrier that prevents the warm air in your conservatory from condensing on the roof and, as it provides such an excellent thermal barrier above the new ceiling panels, it prevents them from ever being cold enough for vapour to condense on.

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